Official Smogon Tournament XX - Round 1-D

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Act win, opponent failed on schedule

Schedule is in Spanish but the time was 8pm-4 Sunday

Edit: Didnt notice the deadline, woops.
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Just wanted to add that I wasnt able to properly save the replay of g1, I played that game on phone and had multiple tourney games to play after that. Sorry for the inconvenience
Won in 2 ggs
thx Chicos For the team and the great rmt
edit: realized i didnt have to link the replays:v4:
Im trying to challenge eavo but he said i didn’t show up on time, but it isn’t 8pm in GMT yet, regardless i need to play against or im going to disqualifed by deadline and he isn’t accepting

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Hi, you all have either not got in contact with your opponents at all or have not responded to your opponent's contact. Please reach out to them and start scheduling. I'll revisit this list in 24 hours and sub out players who are still inactive.

I can only check your walls and posts in this thread, so if you're already in contact via Smogon or Discord DMs or any other means, give this an angry react and I'll understand.
Am I already subbed out or can I still play?
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